Saturday, September 29, 2012

Peanut Butter Booda Bones - So Much More Than a Nutty Snack For Your Canine

Creamy peanut butter flavor is appealing to humans, but did you know dogs also love it? Provide your canine companion with a whole new flavor to add to his or her list of favorites with peanut butter Booda Bones. Not only are these tasty treats a pleasure to chew, they also offer your pet a number of healthy benefits. Your dog will have no idea that their rich, nutty snack is also good for them. Clean up after chewing is easy, especially considering how little will be let behind once your pet tastes peanut butter Booda Bones!
Health Overview of Peanut Butter Booda Bones
All Booda Bone dog treats are made wheat free, which makes them an ideal choice for pets with allergies. They are also designed to offer easy digestibility so a tender tummy can easily enjoy them. The dimpled design helps remove tartar build up to keep gums and teeth healthy. Booda Bones are ideal for adult dogs and should be given in moderation as an occasional special snack.
Manufacturer Snapshot: Aspen Pet
Aspen Pet was founded in 1979 and produced a line of pet accessories. Throughout the decades, this manufacturer gained popularity with its original products as well as the addition of the Booda dog treat line. Aspen Pet became a part of Doskocil manufacturing company in January of 2006. Doskocil is best known for the Petmate brand of portable kennels, feeding supplies, shelters and other pet care necessities. The combination of these two established pet supply manufacturers has created a reputable company well known throughout the pet industry.

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