Saturday, September 29, 2012

Homemade Catfishing Baits - How To Make The Best Bait For Catfish At Home

The best kind of bait for catfishes would be fish that they normally eat in their respective habitats. For example, if your location has more shad than sunfish, load your hooks with shad. If your place has more eels in the water, load your hooks with eel chunks. It's that easy.
It's fun to make a catfish bait recipe at home. You should give it a try before you pack for your fishing trip. All you need is a list of smelly stuff from your wife's larder or freezer. The catfish love smelly stuff. The scent of your bait should ideally carry itself through layers of water to the catfish hiding in the holes in the bottom. Only then can you expect a decent catch.
Making catfish bait is easy. Collect all the smelly stuff in the kitchen and make dough rolls out of a mix of everything. If the dough rolls aren't sticky enough, you can add any kind of flour to it. Here's a sample recipe. Grate some Limburger cheese and heat it in a saucepan to melt. Add garlic powder to the melted cheese. Add corn flour to the mix and keep it away to cool. If the mixture isn't hard enough after cooling, add some more flour. Roll the dough into small balls and use the balls as bait.
Bait that works almost all the time is chicken liver. You can also find ready bait made of chicken liver on the shelves. The cats just love their chicken liver; they just can't get enough of it. Just cut up chunks of chicken liver and use them as bait. You will get a lot of attention from the catfish.
Some fishermen spread blood or corn flakes in the water around their boat to attract the cats' attention. Also, peanut butter and corn flakes mix makes decent bait. You should also try peanut butter and jelly sandwich chunks as bait. I hear that you can get a big channel cat or two interested with that bait. Catfish also love ivory soap. It might sound a bit odd that they prefer ivory soap to food, but they do. You can even buy prepared ivory soap bait in some fishing equipment stores.
Larger cats like blue catfish, bullhead catfish, and flathead catfish prefer cut up fish for bait. You can use shrimp, crawdad, shad, minnow, or sunfish for bait. Now here's an idea: you should try dipping these baits in fish oil first to make them smelly. This will get you a lot of attention from the cats.
Flathead catfish prefer live bait. You can buy goldfish from your local pet store for this purpose. Buy the goldfish and put them in your fishing bucket. You should bait them just below the dorsal fins to bait them properly. If you can't find goldfish, you can bait your lines with live sunfish or shad. You can use the smaller cats for bait as well. If you are out fishing, save up all your smaller catches to use as bait for flathead.
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