Saturday, September 29, 2012

Herpes Treatment OTC

To date, scientists have not found a drug that totally gets rid of herpes simplex. So if you have this disease, expect to experience outbreaks, cold sores, and other symptoms once in a while. But although you can't cure herpes, there are some products and remedies that can help you ease the symptoms.
Here are the most common herpes treatment OTC products and options found in pharmacies and online drugstores.
1. Creams
During outbreaks, you'll have cold sores. If you have genital herpes, expect the sores to appear within the genital area. These sores are painful and itchy, so no matter how tempting, do not scratch them. Scratching them will only make matters worse. It will damage and will further irritate your skin. To heal these sores, you can apply FDA-approved creams that you can buy from drugstores.
2. Chinese herbs
Traditional Chinese doctors seem to have all the cures for different types of diseases and symptoms. And herpes is no exception. There are Chinese herbs that can effectively get rid of your symptoms or boost your immune system. You can buy these herbs from fitness and health stores, or you can order online from a reputable offshore company.
3. Sulfate-based solutions
These solutions are topical medications applied directly on the affected area. These solutions contain sulfate and other traces of elements or minerals such as copper. They have been clinically proven to prevent the further development of outbreaks. They can come in the form of a medicated oil or balm.
4. Antiviral medications
These medications help treat herpes symptoms by deactivating the herpes virus. Depending on their function, they come in different forms such as ointments, creams, and eye drops.


  1. Other herpes symptoms in men can be burning during urination, swollen lymph nodes in the groin area, constipation, lack of energy, fever and headache.

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  2. Treatment for genital herpes will depend on whether you have the infection for the first time (a primary infection) or your symptoms keep coming back . Herpes Treatments


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