Monday, December 29, 2014

Women’s Spirituality Considers The Best Way, ?”Mary Morrissey”

Qualitative analysis found the theme to describe spirituality: connection with High Strength, personal choice, and the human relationship with nature, healing, and support. Most women around the world look at spirituality and religion are separate, but connected, entities. The benefits of women’s spirituality groups including groups’ into therapy, provide valued relationships, and social support.

Though women did not join the group for the purpose of spiritual healing or strengthening existing relationships, they generally experience a positive effect on relationships outside of the group were in the group. This can help them in their daily lives. Typically, women find that they have more awareness of the relationship because of their experience in their spirituality group. Traditional spirituality or religion includes belief in something like God, freedom of personal choice, and a sense of mystery, Women describe spirituality as having meaning in their daily lives.

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