Monday, December 29, 2014

Dog Collars Used For Training Dogs

Placing a slip collar on the dog with most training, special training obedience, dog usually on the left side of the trainer / handler. To put the collar on the dog correctly, with the dog on your left, part of the collar is connected to the free ring should go to the dog’s neck. To check that the collar is on the right, you can pull on the free ring to tighten the collar, then release. The collar should be loose. If the collar is not on the dog correctly, even after you remove the ring free, it would still fit the collar around the dog’s neck. When the collar is placed correctly and snug around the neck of the dog free ring should be about 11/2 “to 3? of the dog’s neck. There are a variety of dog training collars used in dog training. Some professional dog trainers to support the type of collar and only use this type of collar for dog training, dog trainers while others say that this type of collar should not be used in dog training. Of course, every dog trainer uses their own methods of dog training, and types of ring for a dog reflects the training that they use dog training methods they use.

The Martingale Collar as a slip collar tightens when the rope is pulled. The big difference is that it can only tighten so that a certain amount will not choke the dog. It consists of a length of fabric with rings on both ends. A short piece of cloth or chain runs through both rings and has a second end connected to the ring, the strap can be attached. When the rope is pulled, the collar tightens to the two rings touch each other. It has an adjustment so that it can only snug tight around the dog’s neck. Because Martingale Collar is usually wider than the Slip Collar, spreading the pressure on the dog’s neck and collar to prevent it from getting tangled in the fur of the dog.

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