Monday, December 29, 2014

SEO Services – There Is More to It Than Just Keywords

But wait. Is SEO services just about keywords? The answer is a resounding “no.” That’s because these days, people are looking not just for a specific keyword, but also for words and phrases related to their search topic. It was on the demand side. On the supply side, search engines continue to evolve their search algorithms. So for your web site to “found” by search engines in response to a search by someone somewhere, your site requires proper design and content, in addition to a host on the server. The number of incoming links to the site from other sites also play an important role in determining the ranking of your site.

World wide web is full of companies offering SEO Conference services. And many of them are darn good job too. But if I draw the analogy convoluted with the project’s financial world, it would run something like this. A good project that is inherently worthy can get much better, if they can access funds at a cheaper rate. But even if investors can reduce their capital costs by half a percentage, patently bad project can not be feasible. What is my point? Forgive the digression. The simple fact is that unless a website has content that is relevant and useful, no amount of SEO will help. The content needs to be refreshed frequently. Those keywords have to appear in the title, meta data and descriptions and all pages.

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