Monday, December 29, 2014

The Secret to Kicking the Smoking Habit

Studies show that exposure to tobacco in any form can significantly increase the risk of heart disease, lung disease and cancer. In a recent study published in the British medical journal more than 27,000 people, the researchers found that people who are exposed to second hand smoke for more than 21 hours a week had a 62 percent increased risk of heart attack. San Diego breaking news the same study found that only inhaling second hand smoke for one hour a week increases the risk by 15 percent and that smokers are three times more likely to have a heart attack than non-smokers.

The most common method to help people stop smoking is nicotine replacement, nicotine gum and patches to use. It could be for some people but many people have difficulty tolerating this method. The main problem with the replacement nicotine is that nicotine addiction is not a major obstacle to quit smoking. Nicotine can get out of one’s system within three or four days, while the rest of 4000 or more chemicals take another week. So, if a person can survive for only two weeks they have to clean their bodies of all the chemicals in cigarettes. Another method to stop using drugs such as Zyban which include side effects. According to Zyban sites, “The most common side effects experienced with Zyban include dry mouth and difficulty sleeping. There are other risks associated with the use of Zyban, so it is important to talk with your healthcare professional to see if Zyban is right for you.

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