Wednesday, November 7, 2012

What Do Hermit Crab Eat I Wonder!

Similar to human beings, hermit crabs need to have a proper balanced diet and a good dosage of exercise in their daily living. But unlike human beings, the goal of hermits is not to lose weight; rather, they need to maintain these healthy habits in order to simply be comfortable, happy and active. Otherwise, they would not be able to enjoy a long life.
So, what do hermit crabs eat? In the natural habitat, hermits scavenge their way to find something to eat. Since they are omnivores, they can eat plants or tiny insects and animals. Hermits have very modest appetites and they can usually go on for days without food, but not without water. On the other hand, hermits that are in captivity can be fed with various kinds of food. Pet owners of hermits can offer different fruits and vegetables to them that are cut into bits - such as banana, apple, papaya, broccoli and lettuce. Bread, dog food, cat food, worms, flies, raisins, crackers, dry cereal and even peanut butter can all be a part of the hermit crab food diet. However, even if these adorable creatures can eat just about anything, they should never be overfed since they can eat only a very small portion of foods per day. Plus, they should not be given processed foods, sugar-laden foods and very salty foods to eat. Beef, chicken and pork meat are definitely not good for these creatures as well.

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